miami's got back to its condition

on this afternoon, finally, miami got its sunshine again!
the wind from storm far away made it better with more joyable waves. it looked like everybody got out to their hostels and hostels and gathered on beach.
It's really fun even though I'm alone here. I met some friend but there are gone now. of course I have some roommate in the hostel, 3 girls from england, but they are always talking about boys and sex. one girl's singing "I wanna have sex"-_-;;; I don't talke much with them.

I need one quarter for laundry!!! ONE QUARTER!!!
maybe I should go for store somewhere to change. my favorite place here, CVS. there are lots of CVS on the east side of the states. I also need a bug rempellent. bye for now~

by jewel | 2008/09/01 11:19 | └ 미국 여행 | 트랙백 | 덧글(3)

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Commented by MJ81 at 2008/09/02 05:23
다행이에요 >.< 그나저나 뉴올리언스는 어떨런지.. 최근에 이런 일이 왜 이렇게 자주 생기는지 모르겠어요,,
Commented by jewel at 2008/09/04 05:10
항상 떠나는 날에는 그 곳 날씨가 최고조에 달하던데.. 마이애미에서도 마지막 날 날씨가 어찌나 좋던지!!! 페루에 잘 도착했습니다 ^^ 태풍은 끝났는지 궁금하네요. 비행기 기다리면서 본 뉴스에서 벌써 7명의 사상자를 냈다고 보도되는 걸 보았거든요...
Commented by fedfef at 2014/11/12 20:25
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