Hi! how are you doing?

I am...
 Yeonwha Kim
 from Korea, the south
 in California, the States right now

I have...
 traveled from the late May, 2008
 been meeting people I'd never met
 enjoyed my new kind of life (without any plan)

I think...
 our life itself is the journey of ourselves
 sometimes we wander without knowing what to do or where to go
 living life means wandering life

I hope...
 to go every part of the world
 to meet every single person on the earth
 to travel the universe

that's why I think I'm wandering the orb right now

You can contact to me anytime

So sorry for you, the language of this blog is basically Korean
but some messeges are written in English.
You can see them simply click the tag button "english" below

Have yourself enjoying with me and please let me know if you have any comment :)

by jewel | 2008/07/21 12:05 | + Notice | 트랙백 | 덧글(2)

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Commented by 뽀이 at 2008/07/21 12:44
사이트도 글로벌을 향해 가는구낭 ㅋ
회사도 글로벌
언니 사이트도 글로벌
난 어디로 가야하는가 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Commented by jewel at 2008/07/21 13:11
세계정복의 초석이랄까?
뽀이도 나와 함께 세계정복을 향해~

그나저나 겨울에 삽뽀로는? >ㅁ<

:         :


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